People from many countries support the Gorber children suffering separation from their parents

July, 27th

People from many countries support the Gorber children suffering separation from their parents

A german judge took the decision to take 6 children away from their parents and to send them to visit public schools

(MEDRUM) The Gorber family is a Christian familiy with a firm believe in their Lord. The parents resisted to let their children not being educated in public schools. The parents have no confidence in the public school education and wanted to educate their children in Christian homeschooling. However, this is illegal according to the German law and legal practice.

The German authorities, inititiated and supported by people with a hostile attitude against the Christian parents and their family life which is different from the life of most other people their hometown Überlingen, requested to take the children away from their parents. A German court accepted this request and decided early this year, when the mom of the children hat to go to a hospital for medical treatment, to take the children away and put them in public custody and care in a public home.

Even after the mom had recovered the authorities insisted that the children will remain under public custody outside of their home. The parents and the children tried to intervene. But they had no success. In particular, the father insisted that the parents continue to educate their children at home conducting homeschooling. This attitude was rejected by the authorities and the judge who reaffirmed his earlier decision that the children have to further stay outside of theire home and family under public custody. Another reported concern of the German authorities ist that the children may grow up in their familiy in a special environment which is dominated by the bible, its prerogatives and rules for the human life as perceived by the Christian parents. In the view of the authorities this may potentially not be favourable for children and their later life in the German society. They therefore investigated these questions through psychological experts. But it was reported to this forum that the findings revealed that these children are particularly nice children with good intellects and a fine emotional balance.

All six children suffer severly from the separation into two different public care stations. Except from a very few occasions they are not allowed to join with their parents and sisters. They are forced to live in a different environment and to get along from early morning until late night with different children who have been also put under public custody but for very different and severe reasons. In many other cases the other children are either victims of sexual crime or have to cope with drugs or similar problems.

Thus, the Gorber children are confronted with phenomenons they have never been accustomed with in their life and now have to carry such additonal burden for no good reasons. A child from the family asked recently the question: "What crime have I done that I am punished for? I can not understand why I have to stay here and being not allowed to get back to my parents and family." In the family not only the parents long for their children but also the three other children who live still at home. They are either already more the 17 years old or younger as 6 years old and, thus, because of their age they do not underly the obligation to go to public schools.

A large community of peope all over the German country now started and provided their support for an initiative of protest against the German authorities decisions. Their request ist to let the children return to their family. The parents have clearly declared that they are prepared to give up homeschooling, and to send their children to public schools in the future, just to stop the suffering of their children. The 700 supporters also wish to prevent the children from any further unwanted pressure and unnatural separation from their mom, their sisters, brothers and their father. The children themselves have repeatedly declared their deep desire to get back into their family.

Any additional support for the request to permit the children their return to their familiy would be highly appreciated.

If you wish to join the request of the supporting community of people, please, use the subsequent link to the webform provided for this purpose.

-> Webform GORBER PLEA

Please mail any further questions, proposals or comments you may have to -> Email to Gorber

The children of the Gorber family

Currently under public custody:

Sarai - 17 years old,
Prisca - 15,
Thea - 12,
Esther - 10,
Rebecca - 7
David - 3.

Still under custody of the parents:

Miriam - 20,
Benjamin - 18,
Anna - 4 months